Launched in 2013, Izaskun Zabala is a NYC jewelry brand created by designer Izaskun Zabala. Built on a foundation of classic silhouettes and craftmanship, each piece is designed with a mystic edge defining the beauty of the collection entirely - timeless, yet refreshingly captivating. Izaskun’s mission is to create pieces of jewelry that embellish the soul and inspire women express their individuality.

Meaning “star in the hand”, Izaskun’s eye for spatial composition was nurtured growing up in the Basque Country where her playgrounds were well known artists’ studios. She moved to New York where she was awarded the Elsa Peretti/ Tiffany scholarship for Excellence in Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and later earned a Business Degree and Creative Enterprise Ownership Diploma.

Her ultimate vision is to design pieces to be passed through generations.

Past collaborations: nOirStella & Dot