Sahara Inspiration Summer 18

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Our recent trip to the Sahara inspired the Dunas Collection. A dream come true, a short stay in the desert made a deep imprint on our soul.

Everyday we wake in the dark, preparing to greet the sunrise, riding the dromadaires guided by Venus, the morning star.

The vast sky becomes immersed in changing light and all the stars disappear, the cosmos like a darkened stage set for its main act: the Sun.

And suddenly he appears, a bright beam of energy whose rays touch your skin. You cannot move, your eyes fixed in the golden light, mesmerized by the spectacle of a new day.

 The silence of the Sahara is like no other, a silence that envelops you, that welcomes you to a state of deep meditation even with your eyes opened.

As the colors change with the position of the sun in the sky, you see the shadows from the curves of the dunes transform. Images that trick the eye: a black ocean in the sand here, angles and curves that disappear in the horizon there. The ever changing dunes etch an exquisite composition of reddish yellow hues below the turquoise blue of the sky.

Before sunset, the Sahara dresses in a pink lavender cap, reminding us that lady Luna and her court is about to take center stage.

The festival of illuminaries starts: millions of stars dancing with the milky way and posing in constellations, others shooting lights like fireworks, and the moon smiling at us as she shines full and bright.

We lie down in the sand, blissfully forgetting a time before we stepped into this dreamworld..

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