The Very Best In Marrakech

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Marrakech is one of those entrancing places you know you will return to someday…

Where to start? 

The pink walls of the Medina, the exquisite rugs, the magic rooftop sunsets, the painted vases and tiles, YSL, the bloody meats of the butcher stalls, the craftsmen that make your product while you wait, the serpent enchanteurs, eating fried fish with your hands, the jewelry, the chants at prayer time, the Moroccan people – there’s no end to the charm this city holds.

As soon as you arrive to the Pink City, enter the Medina and lose yourself in wonder. There, the local artisans and tradespeople call out in every language to draw you into their stalls. Their stunning wares will feed your desire to outfit your home like the Moroccans, with intricate ceramic designs, brass lamps, antique rugs, beautiful pillows, painted wood furniture, and jewelry to die for. And don’t be too shy to try for a deal: bargaining is the national sport.

You can’t go wrong with the food. The street food is exquisite, not to mention inexpensive. Meat, sweets, and bountiful bread are staples for Moroccans. We loved the Henna Art Cafe for its yummy vegetarian options.

Moroccan sunsets are spectacular, so don’t miss your chance to catch at least one while you’re visiting. Enjoying glasses of wine on Café Arabe's rooftop was an unforgettable experience for us. When night falls, make sure to go to the legendary Djemaa El-Fna Square to witness snake-charmers. And why not take a culinary risk while you’re there? You can enjoy sheep's brains or snail soup at the lively food stalls.

Yves Saint Laurent, creator of YSL, made Marrakech his sacred escape, and we understand why. You can now visit one of his homes, Les Jardins Majorelle, and walk the grounds that boast more than three hundred cactus species, surrounding his iconic cobalt house.

Tip: Before you embark on your day’s adventure, buy tickets to the YSL Museum next to Les Jardins first. You’ll skip the long line to Les Jardins.

The Saadian Tombs mesmerized us due to the detailed and exquisite craftsmanship of the main chambers: mosaic floors, gold sculpted arches, and spectacular marble tombs. It's a quick visit, but we recommend you visit outside of peak hours to get a closer look at the main chambers that can only be viewed through a door opening. We especially loved the colors in the garden where non-royalty were buried.

Where to stay…

Experiencing a Riad hotel is a must. Riads usually only have a few rooms available, situated around a dreamy patio with a fountain in the middle, so make sure you book well in advance. Our stay at Riad Jardin Secret was unforgettable and we truly fell in love with it while in Marrakech. Make sure you take some time away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Medina and recharge on the pink rooftop. And take advantage of the generous vegetarian breakfast, which is a work of art for eyes and belly.

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